There is no greater compliment than for someone to like our work enough to display it in their home or office.  To that end, we try to make our work as affordable as possible while using the highest quality materials.  We do not sell directly from our web site as we want to have direct contact with you so that we fully understand your needs.    If you are interested in making a purchase please call Sara at 205-388-0012 or Craig at 205-388-8548 or send us an e-mail.



Metal prints make a dramatic, bold statement.  The image is infused onto a specially treated metal surface.  The result is a high gloss, vibrant, high definition like presentation.  Metal prints can be displayed framed or unframed.  Small unframed pieces  will have a float mount on the back for hanging.  Large unframed pieces will have a 3/4 inch inset frame with either a wire or cleat for hanging.  In either case, the image will be 3/4 inch from the wall surface when hung adding depth and impact.  Unframed pieces will ship to your home or office directly from the print lab. Shipping costs for unframed pieces are included in our pricing structure.  It usually takes about three weeks to receive an unframed print.

We frame our show display pieces using a quality metal frame to protect them from frequent handling.  We have several colors available.  We receive the print from the lab and then measure it for perfect sizing.  We then order the frame from our local frame supplier.  Once we receive the frame we assemble the piece and ship it via UPS.  This process adds two weeks to the delivery time.  Please add the shipping cost from our studio to your home or office to the prices you see below.  We will provide you with an estimate when you order.  We charge a flat $50.00 to cover the extra cost of the frame versus the float mount or inset frame used on unframed pieces. 

Square Images:

12 x12: $ 125.00

20 x 20: $ 350.00

24 x 24: $525.00

30 x 30:  $750.00

36 x 36: $1150.00

40 x 40: $1500.00

Rectangular Images (2 : 3 Ratio):

12 x 18: $ 160.00

16 x 24: $ 325.00

20 x 30: $ 475.00

24 x 36: $ 750.00

30 x 45:  $1300.00

40 x 60:  2000.00

Need a different size?  Please call for a quote.  


For those who prefer traditional framing under glass, we offer unmatted prints on metallic paper.  Depending on the size,  it will be shipped rolled on a tube.  There will not be a mat or backer board.  We print all of our own work as large as 40 x 40 for squares and 40 x 60 for rectangles.  Unmatted prints are priced at $25.00 per square foot, with $25.00 flat rate shipping.











































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