There is no greater compliment than for someone to like our work enough to display it in their home or office.  To that end, we try to make our work as affordable as possible while using the highest quality materials.  We offer several options for displaying our images.  We do not sell directly from our web site as we want to have direct contact with you so that we fully understand your needs.    If you are interested in making a purchase please call Sara at 205-388-0012 or Craig at 205-388-8548 or send us an e-mail to craigandsara@bellafioreimages.com.

PLEASE NOTE: The Corona Virus has severely impacted the art world as it has many areas of our economy.  Basically all of our shows until the fall have been cancelled due to justified concerns about transmitting the virus at large public gatherings like art fairs.  We have a substantial inventory of face mounted acrylics we produced for the shows that were cancelled at the last minute.  We are offering these pieces as well as any special orders through June 30, 2020 with free shipping.  Shipping art, especially large pieces, is very expensive.  Check out are new Gallery Page: Available Works for what we have available.  If you see something you like or if you have questions, give us a call.  We are also offering discounts for multiple purchases. 


We do all printing in house using a Canon ImageProGraf Pro4000 wide format printer and pigment inks.  We print on the following mediums:

Soft Gloss Fine Art Paper which has a slight texture is used for images that will be traditionally framed under glass or acrylic.

Satin finish canvas with 1.75 inch professional gallery wrap stretcher bars.

Metallic photo paper is used for images that will be face mounted to ¼ inch acrylic.


We offer three options for display, face mounted behind ¼inch acrylic, photographic prints for framing under glass or acrylic, and canvases either framed or unframed.  The option you chose will depend on the look you are going for.  Our images can be very modern or  traditional based on the way they are mounted and displayed. Hopefully you have seen our finished work at a show where we try to have a variety of finished canvases and acrylics. No matter which option you choose, all of our pieces are signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity in editions of 250 or less. 

Face mounted acrylics offer a very modern look.  The acrylic is approximately ¼ inch thick, is optically clear, and UV protected.  The edges are finished, so they are hung unframed. A French Cleat is used for hanging so the piece is perfectly parallel to the wall with the mounting mechanism concealed.   Prints for this mounting method are printed on metallic paper since the print cannot have any texture.  Acrylics are signed and numbered on the backs of these pieces.

Prints destined for traditional framing are printed on soft gloss fine art paper.   These prints are signed and numbered in the lower right corner. They are rolled and shipped in a tube with the certificate of authenticity.  Framed pieces can be anything from very traditional to modern depending on the frame you choose. 

Canvases are printed on satin finish professional grade canvas with 1.75 inch stretcher bars. They are signed and numbered in the lower right corner.   Canvases offer the most traditional look and in many ways resemble a painting.  Canvas prices are for the canvas only.  We do offer box or floater framing as an option. Frames 24 x 36 or 24 x 24 or smaller are $225.00.  Larger frames are 350.00. 

Shipping and taxes (where applicable) are in addition to the prices quoted below.












































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